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WIKI Migration Workspace

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Email to the group from 12.01.2023

Hi Lukas, Hi all,

thank you very much for your email. Don't worry about the delay, I'm also very busy right now. This will be change in February and I would invite you all to have a MS Teams Meeting on Sunday, February the 5th at 3 PM Friday, February 17th at 19:00 MEZ. Please try to attend the meeting, please find the meeting information below.

What has happened so far in the Wiki project?

Still in the last year I had calls with Richard, Visa-Matti (FAI IT) and his support guy Olivier (Azuris). Please find their contact information below. For documentation of our work I created a page within the old wiki, which is almost empty at the moment. I think it is convenient to have all information on one place and viewable for the CIMA group.

Furthermore Richard gave me the full admin rights on the old Wiki to get all information we need for the transfer. He will also support us as far as needed on the old Wiki. But lets talk about the new one, this is called Xwiki and is available on the FAI Server already.


The Xwiki documentation is very large and I have started to understand the concept and more details. But honestly I have only a few experience with wikis and it is long time ago.

Olivier created two wikis on the FAI server, till now I worked on the xwiki-test. If you take a look into the URL you will find some content, this was my first try during the Christmas time.

During my tries and tests I identified some missing tools, e.g. a WYSIWYG Editor which is absolutely needed. Also the upload and presentation of documents is not easy to do and some more points. These are also topics we should talk about in our meeting.

But you are right Lukas, beforehand we have to discuss a project plan, identifying the tasks and so on. The deadline for the project is the next CIMA meeting, at this point we should have the Xwiki up and running, as well as the information of the last 3 years migrated. In my opinion it should be possible to reach this point latest end of 2023, the complete migration end of 2024. Maybe it will run faster if the first technical steps are done and we have have only to migrate the content.

Patrik, Krzysztof, Lukas please give your best support to this project, I will do the same.

Access to the XWiki:

There is one main admin user, but I will create dedicated admin accounts for you to avoid conflicts. You will get the account information by a separate encrypted email from a different account ( If you want the XWiki admin access, please send me a short message by SMS, WhatsApp, Signal or Telegram, don't forget your name 😉.

SHORTENED because of personal data.

Best regards, Michael 


Setting up this page for information exchange in the context of Wiki migration.

Exploring the possibilities Confluence has for XML export as well as Xwiki for XML Import. 

Richard recommended not to try exporting the whole or bigger parts the Wiki, this will not work or lead to a crash because of the huge amount of data. He also mentioned that Xwiki has a confluence importer for this xml but it doesn't do a perfect job (quoted from email, shortened).

We have now two Xwiki instances available, at the moment we should use the xwiki-test only. Right now the Xwikis are empty, only the admin password is set. 

The URLs are


Michael KANIA (GER), Chairman
Krzysztof ROMICKI (POL) 

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