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The purpose of this group is to develop IT tools useful for the activities of CIMA.

Originally the Internet presence working group, established to look after collaboraive tools such as this wiki, its remit was widened at the 2012 Plenary to include all IT matters pertaining to CIMA and renamed the *IT working group.*

Progress has been made in exploring the requirements for moving the CIMA wiki from Richard Meredith Hardy’s private server to an FAI one. This requires migrating the wiki software from Confluence to X-Wiki software (Linux-based). The X-Wiki company have quoted a price of €11k to perform this migration, and potentially an ongoing maintenance fee of €3k annually as well. The plenary consider this too high a price, but hope that we can find a member of our community with the appropriate skills to conduct this work (for an appropriate fee) and advise further on the need for maintenance.

h3. Members of this working group

* *Richard MEREDITH-HARDY* (CIMA President of Honor)
* *Michael KANIA* (GER) chair
* *Krzysztof ROMICKI* (POL)
* *Barney TOWNSEND* (GBR)
* *Patrik Aussems* (BEL)
* *Lukas BEHONEK* (CZE).


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