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Confluence is highly configurable in the way different people can view and edit pages.

The FAI wiki is set up to work entirely on [group permissions|User groups] set on [spaces|Spaces]. Individual [permissions|Permissions] on spaces or pages within spaces should *not* be used.

The only exception is for [Personal spaces] which are controlled by the individual owner of the space.

h3. Permissions policy

|| Group \\ || All \\
spaces \\ || Own \\
SC or WG space \\ || Own \\
personal space \\ || ||
| *confluence-administrators* | Super administrator powers | | | There are very few users with this permission, membership authorized by the FAI webmaster. |
| *wiki-administrators*  \\ | Admin, Read, Write, Comment \\ | | | Can administer all spaces in the wiki but are disallowed from operations that may compromise system security. Generally only one or a small number per FAI commission.  For example CIMA wiki administration is performed by the [CIMA Internet Presence working group|cimaWiki:] which is composed of elected CIMA delegates. |
| *Each* *{_}commission{_}* *SC or WG member* \\ | Read, Comment \\ | Read, Write, Comment | | Each sub-committee or working group member has full access to the content of the corresponding space. |
| *{_}commission\-_{*}{*}delegates* \\ | Read, Comment \\ | | | Each commission delegate can create and edit their own personal space,  and can create and edit pages in some spaces associated with their commission. |
| *confluence-users* | Read, comment | | Read, Write, Comment | Every logged-in user is a member of this group, can create and edit their own personal space and read and create comments in all spaces. |
| *anonymous* \\ | Read \\ | | | Non-logged in users can view most spaces but can't see or create comments or see any personal details of users. |

h3. Typical setup for a space.

 This is the CIMA [Internet Presence Working Group|cimaWiki:] space.


h4. wiki-administrators

must ALWAYS be given full permission for all spaces.  If they are not, then this will be altered by an administrator.

h4.  cima-delegates

In this case it is a CIMA space, and the group *cima-delegates*, which contains all CIMA delegates who have permission to view and comment.

h4. cima-internet

Contains the members of the CIMA working group responsible for this space.  (probably these are also all cima-delegates, but it could include other co-opted members.)  They have permission to do almost anything in the space.

h4. Logged in people not CIMA delegates

if you wanted people outside of CIMA to be able to comment in this space then you could add the group *confluence-users* which contains everyone with a valid login to the wiki.  They should have the same permissions as *cima-delegates* have here.

h4.  Individual users

Note that no individual users have permissions for this space.  This is a FAI protocol and makes overall administration easier.  If an administrator finds any individual permissions anywhere in the wiki (apart from [Personal spaces]) then they will be removed.

h4.  Anonymous

The group *anonymous* is anyone not logged in.  CIMA has chosen the policy of using this wiki as a tool to show the World what it does, so generally anonymous access is set to *view* in all CIMA pages. 

It is *strongly recommended* anonymous users are not given any further permissions as this could easily lead to abuse.  Wiki administrators will generally disable any anonymous permissions they find beyond just view.

h3. Additional Groups

If you think you will require additional groups, please send a request to []